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Transform videos you've already created into a steady stream of brilliant highlights that you'll be proud to share.

From LinkedIn to TikTok (and everywhere inbetween) you'll always have something to post.

How it works

1. Transform one video per month…

Send us one long-form, unedited video per month.

It could be:

• A podcast episode
• An interview
• A Zoom call we set up

2. Into three posts per week…

From each video you send, you'll get back 12 short, engaging highlight clips.

Optimized for the social platforms you use.

Ready to share, complete with call-to-action and suggested post text.

3. For stress-free consistency.

Spend an hour, once per month, to queue up the posts on your platforms of choice, and then relax.

We'll also share (or re-share) under our own account for extended reach.

For nonfiction authors — more exposure with less hassle

If you're finishing up the process of writing and publishing a book, it's safe to guess that you're fairly busy. (And ready for a vacation.) But you've got to spread the word about your book.

One of your strongest book marketing options is the digital book tour. I.E., appearing on podcasts and speaking at online events.

If you're going to be spending that time anyway, then you ought to make the most of it by recording yourself locally (including both audio and video) and then exploding that footage into your next month's worth of promotional content.

Adam and Bob, authors of MBA Coffee Chats are both working fulltime, with young kids at home.

They're using Exploded Media to create the everyday content that they're using to make the most of their existing LinkedIn connections:

For ADHD creatives — consistency without the emotional drain

Hey, I'm Rob. I create so much stuff that never gets shared with the world. Sound familiar?

I get derailed by the emotional drain and friction of having to figure out what to put out there every day. So far too often, I don't. And then months pass by, with all sorts of wonderful ideas piling up on my computer that never help me (or anybody else).

I'm using Exploded Media to remain active and consistent on YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn by turning the podcasts and talks I've already done into lovely stuff to share, with all the decisions and busywork already done for me.

Here's one example →

I'm obviously biased (since I'm helping to build it), but if your brain is anything like mine, then I can say that it's a game changer.

Pricing & getting started

Pay just $750 a month for nonstop video content.

Upload 1 or more new recording each month to keep your pipeline full and your audience engaged.

To get started, click "A" or "B" on the video below 👇

Who we are and why we care

Hi, I'm Brian Hall. Throughout my freelance career, I've recorded hundreds of hours' worth of UX case studies and website breakdowns for clients. That footage is an enormous, invaluable asset that's been sitting idle and accomplishing far less for me than it should.

As I began the transition from charging for my time to charging for my products, I knew I needed to get more structured about both audience and content. And what better way to begin than by reusing the video I've already created? We're building the service I needed to accelerate the next stage of my career. I hope that you love it as much as we do.

And I'm Rob Fitzpatrick. I've been writing books and building little businesses for the last fifteen years. But as mentioned above, I've always been woefully inconsistent about putting stuff out there.

I wanted to build this service for myself, and for my businesses, and I figured that if we were going to be doing that work anyway, then we ought to go one step further and make it available to you as well, at the best price we could possibly manage.

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