We make and share short videos

Get the guidance, accountability, support, and encouragement you need to slay your demons, hit Record, and click Publish.

We make short videos

Is my mic good enough?How long should a video be for LinkedIn?What editing software should I use?How do I add captions? (Should I add captions?)For the questions that have a right answer, we've got the answer - or we'll figure it out.For the questions with no right answer, we'll weigh in, compare approaches, and help you get unstuck.

We share short videos

Does it feel weird to share business-y videos to your Instagram following?Do you hesitate because you're worried about posting too often?Or are you too overwhelmed to post at all?We're all going through this.There's no perfect solution, but we can offer commiseration, encouragement, and accountability.

Exploded Media is in beta - we're still figuring out where everyone's struggling the most and how best to help.If you don't mind a bit of informality and a few rough edges, you're welcome to join. Send an email to Brian - you'll get an invite link (plus a few quick questions) in a reply.